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Since 2018, I've worked side by side with clients to clear clutter and make it easier to live life.

My Mission

I honor the trust a client places in me as they open up and share the challenges of living in their own home. My mission is to listen and work with my client to create a home free of clutter that not only results in a more efficient place to live and work, but creates a sanctuary called "home".

About Michelle

After serving as project manager 20+ years in aerospace, banking, insurance, and home rental listing services, I now leverage my innate organization skills and experience to not only organize your home surroundings for peace of mind, but to coach you to maintain your new, simplified environment to save time and money.  

I've a knack for downsizing from large to smaller homes as well as garage organization to enable clients to actually park their cars in their garage. I'm also "big" on small space optimization from years of studio-living.  And, I love helping clients sort through and close storage units with the goal of no longer paying thousands of dollars a year on storage.

I'm a proudly registered NAPO-Professional Organizer (National Association of Productivity & Organizing). 


Based near Pasadena, I am happy to help others throughout the greater Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley areas. 

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Monrovia, California, U.S.A.


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