Before and After's

I have the terrible habit of forgetting to take the "Before" pictures of home organizing and decluttering work I've completed with clients over the past couple years. Once I overcome this habit, I will start posting before and after pictures (as long as my clients agree it's okay). 

Before garage nook reorganized

BEFORE - a nook in the garage adjacent to entry door to kitchen. Needed a handy place for dog food, sunscreen, mosquito spray, and pet treats. Dog food needed to be elevated so resident can stand while digging out dog food.

After garage nook reorganized

AFTER: Installed ELFA shelving to not only accommodate dog food at standing level, treats, sunscreen, and spray, but also leashes, umbrellas, and recycle bin next to the kitchen entryway. Extra shelving albeit elevated for dog shampoo, umbrellas, and more.

Before closet room photo

BEFORE: several clothing racks not captured within this photo unfortunately - 4 of which were removed through sorting clothing for selling online, gifting, and donating. More clothing and shoes are contained within bags and boxes on the floor.

After closet room with sorting/removal of 4 racks of clothing

AFTER: Four less racks of clothing and all remaining clothing is now sorted into slacks, jeans, leggings, tops, shirts, blouses, T-shirts, luxury / evening wear, workout wear, dresses, skirts. Although still a significant amount of clothing for one person, this room now holds a quarter of what it held previously.

After closet room with shoes now displayed on shelving in lieu of mounded on the floor

AFTER: Shoes are now stored on shelving in a seasonal order. Winter-time boots and shoes are stored at elevated levels to be swapped with the summer-time shoes on lower levels at winter.

Before studio apartment photo

BEFORE: studio apartment with bed in corner and extra furniture. Previously mounds of clothing were on the recliner and chair. Also, bags of mail stored on the floor.

After studio apartment photo

AFTER significant improvements: 1. replaced the bed in the corner with a murphy bed 2. painted one wall blue to cover decade-old light brown color 3. relocated an attractive piece of furniture to eye view upon entry to the apartment and replaced previous mirror with a more updated looking mirror. All pieces with exception of murphy bed ($700) are client originals.

Murphy bed purchased by client from Wayfair

AFTER: murphy full- bed purchased to replace twin bed

Shoe closet set up in small home entryway closet

Home entryway closet set up with shoe racks. This was deemed the ideal location for client's shoes due to very limited master bedroom closet space. Additionally, the client found this an ideal location for shoes since they do not wear shoes in the home.

Entryway closet with newly installed shelves

BEFORE entryway closet to be filled with "grab and go" items in the event of home evacuation. This was previously a shoe closet (shoes were relocated to shelving in the garage).

Entryway closet set up as a "Grab and Go" closet

AFTER: entryway closet consists of only items to be loaded into client's SUV in the event of evacuation. Additional items not stored in the closet (medication, laptops, phones) are listed on the inside of the closet door for easier recall in time of evacuation.