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Step 1:  Free, one-time phone consult  |   30 mins   

Tell me of the challenges you experience living in your home so we can assess how I may help you.  Is your home so cluttered, you feel you're wasting time completing simple tasks or having to search for what you need? Are you stressed and not able to relax in your own home? Have areas in your home become chaos and encroached on your living space?

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Step 2:  Virtual or in-home consultation  |   1 - 2 hours    |    $45 / hour

We walk through your home, room by room, and discuss the pain points you experience in daily life and how clearing clutter and creating areas or "zones" in your home will help you live more efficiently, reduce stress, and save time and money.

Moving to a new home or downsizing to a smaller home? We generate a list of action items to be completed BEFORE you start packing. The goal is to save time and money by not packing, moving, and unpacking what you no longer want or cannot fit into your new home.

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Step 3:  Home organization (or move) plan  |   2 hours    |    $45 / hour

I spend about 2 hours (more for larger homes) developing your home organization plan or home move/downsize plan.  The plan consists of a room by room list of  objectives to declutter so we can then organize it in a way to achieve the goals identified for the room (i.e. homework, office work, cooking, play time).  The plan includes "before" pictures to help in the clarification of goals and objectives.

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Step 4:  Sort, let go, and organize   |   $45 / hour

We work side by side to complete the plan developed in Step 3.  Along the way, we discuss activity flow within your home and make adjustments as needed to meet your goals for each room. I coach you on sorting, letting go, and organizing so you can work without me.  Along the way, we talk about how to incorporate habits to prevent clutter build-up in your home.

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Coaching   |   $40 / hour

I coach you virtually or in person to help you re-incorporate habits that prevent the build-up of clutter so you can get things done more efficiently and maintain your serene, relaxing home.