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What's "NAPO"?

The National Organization of Productivity & Organizing (NAPO) is an organization started in 1983 by a group of women in Los Angeles, CA with the purpose of exchanging ideas in the emerging field of organizing services.  Today, NAPO has 3,500+ members worldwide, "dedicated to helping people and organizations bring order and efficiency to their lives".  

NAPO Certification

 To become a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO), one must meet eligibility through education requirements, pass the CPO exam, adhere to the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers Code of Ethics, and complete a minimum required number of hours of paid work. It takes a minimum of five years to become a CPO and meet all eligibility requirements. 

NAPO also offers several "Specialist" certificates based on completion of specific coursework. Residential Organizing is one such certificate. 

Is Michelle Jensen a CPO?

Although I successfully obtained a "Specialist Certificate" in residential organizing and I've worked the past two years as an Organizer helping clients simplify their homes, I must wait until 2023 to apply for CPO certification.  In 2023, after accruing the required hours of paid work, passing the CPO exam, and continually adhering to the BCPO Code of Ethics, I will become a CPO.         Check here for my NAPO profile showing my college / educational background and the organizing services I offer.

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